The working chair

I like analogy. This post is one. I will try to explain customization with a working chair.

working chairs picture

Ground 0: No chair

Here we start. You dont have any chair. Maybe you like stand up work, maybe you dont have a desk, but for whatever reason you dont own nor you need a chair.

Ground 1: A basic chair

You get a chair! Sometimes you like to sit to work and it is good enough for you. You wont spend a night to find a good one though. Anyone will be fine. You dont really make the difference between two.

Ground 2: A working chair

You basic standar chair is not enough anymore. You spend most of your time working sit down. You need a better chair. Here come the working chair. A chair designed for the working need of all workers. Most people feels this is the highest point and for most of us it is far from enough. Just enjoy and be productive.

but… Is there an highest point?

Ground 3: The custom chair

You explored a lot of kind of chair. You start thinking about the marvellous ultimate chair. You know what obscur brand is good at and you could enumerate them. After all, you are using it always and you want, you deserve, the best. You think you can spend a bit of your time to get not A chair but The chair. The one you build yourself and for yourself, for your own special need. To reach this level, you will have to learn how a chair works and how you could improve it to fulfill your need. If your are passionate with something, you are already here.

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